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On behalf of Movekii, Morgan Mantilla provides the conception, design, and on-brand execution of visual print and digital materials. She is passionate about storytelling through visuals and crafting visual brand experiences. Morgan brings dynamic thinking, creativity, and strategic planning to her collaborations.

TESS PORTRAIT 768x1152.jpg
TESS FULL BODY basic-magazine-tess-holid



For this project with Tess Holliday, I was inspired to cast her as a Raphaelite courtesan. I wanted to depict her as this High Renaissance enchantress, sweet and angelic on the outside, and guile and sex on the inside. I wanted to capture the impression her essence left on me—the way she glowed like a warm hearth, emanating light and gumption.



This project revolved around the idea of betrayal. What it looks like to feel betrayed to the very core. The idea that it was not supposed to be this way, that you were deceived, and now everything is in total chaos. You were not prepared for this, but they have not seen the last of you. I wanted to channel strength, resolve, and a masculine take no prisoners attitude.

The Betrayal 2.jpg
The Betrayal 3.jpg
Omen 6.jpg
Omen 2.jpg


This project was based on the tension of discovering whether an omen is good or bad, and the familiarity of angelic poses in statues that evoke a sense of future. The feeling of being on the brink of a new chapter, waiting with baited breath to see what’s in store. I sought to create an impending sense of time.



This project was about the intensity of a man and his ability to endure. Unfazed by the harshness of winter, he always finds a way to persevere. His gaze, piercing and brooding. His eyes tell such stories, hint at his unfathomable depth, and glimmer as proof of the light that guides him from within.

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